Issue 6.0 of the Non-Domestic EPC Conventions for England & Wales were implemented on 1st May 2017 and need to be referred to for all EPCs produced from that date.  The changes are summarised below but do get in touch if you want more information or if you would like us to run a CPD course on this.

1.01     The method for the apportionment of On Site Renewable Electricity Generation has been changed

2.08     Advice is provided on the use of address line 1 to describe site buildings and building sub parts to minimise the creation of duplicate sub addresses.

2.09    Clarification has been provided for acceptable evidence for High Frequency T8 lighting and how to differentiate between high and low frequency.

3.03     Additional information is provided about evidence required for calculating and entering the frame factor in SBEM.

3.13     Additional guidance for specific circumstances is provided as to how to identify the difference between Sales and Eating & Drinking Activity Selection.

3.14     Conventions have been introduced for Block Glazing Exteriors with guidance for how to enter glass blocks in SBEM.

4.06     Same Space adjacency where internal wall envelope areas, of the same or similar construction, within merged zones may be added together and entered as a single envelope area, attached to the merged zone, with the adjacency of “Same space”.

4.07     A method is provided to subdivide zones for day lit areas where the option for automatic calculation is not selected, not available or where manual day lit zoning is prescribed as required within conventions.

4.08 Detailed notes are provided for modelling a zone within a zone. E.g. an office or toilet within a large warehouse.

6.11     Further clarification to identify zones without fixed conditioning systems and confirmation that workshops can now be left unheated.

7.07     Further information has been provided on modern LED lighting and  some LED lighting types can now be entered as T5 lamps in SBEM

All NDEAs should be aware of the conventions and keep up to date with any changes as they will be used for any audits.   Please contact us if you want any further information


NDEA New Conventions
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